A trip to Ji country

We made a small trip to Ji country in Tianjin where is only 80 minutes away from Beijing during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

This place at first lured me as the east tomb of Qing dynasty seated nearby, but my focus was shifted since I saw one of the ancient temple's gateway picture - Dule Temple (Solitary of Joy Temple in literally meaning). I was surisingly found that I once had a look at the structural drawing of Dule Temple's Guanyin pavilion by one of the famous architectural observer Liang Sicheng in early 20th century. In contrast the tomb architecture seems kind of dull and monotonous.

Shanmen(Gate) of Dule Temple Guardian king in Shanmen Guanyin Pavilion Back of Guanyin Pavilion

Dule Temple's highlight is the Guanyin pavilion, and the guanyin statue which is the largest clay made statue in the world(more than 16m height). Unfortunately cameras are not allowed inside.

Backyard of Dule Temple Backyard of Dule Temple

The backyard contains the 'main hall' which rebuilt in 2004, a relatively small building in which seats three buddhas. It is my first time to notice there are medicine buddha whose figure are more popular in Japan's temples.

Backyard of Dule Temple Guanyin Pavilion

There is a small exhibition on the backyard too, it shows that despite Dule temple's seemingly ancient look with all the fading painting, motley decorations. It was actully being reconstructed in 1990s, following the principle of 'Repairs just like the ancient one'. I'm highly appreciated this high standard of maintainance feat which seems rare in China.

Back of Guanyin Pavilion Back of Guanyin Pavilion Back of Guanyin Pavilion

Some random shots in Dule Temple.

White Tower Temple of White Tower White Tower White Tower

White Tower, A pagoda nearby Dule Temple, It consist of three kind of different styles: stupa, chinese temple pagoda and brick pagoda.

Luban Temple Yard of Luban Temple Architectural drawing Architectural drawing Architectural drawing Architectural drawing

Temple of Luban(Gongshuban), who considered father of carpenter, engineering in ancient chinese history. This is the one existing temple in P.R.China dedicated to him. It is a small one but has its own charm. I loved the architectural drawing on the exhibition.

Gate of Wenmiao Wenmiao, Temple of Confucious Wenmiao, Temple of Confucious Wenmiao, Temple of Confucious

Wenmiao, or Temple of Confucious seated just cross the road of Temple of Luban.

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